Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sittin' by the Dock of the Bay


Some days you just want to find a comfortable place , laze about, and let life brush by and touch you gently and lovingly. We learned that from Manatees hanging out in the clear waters of Manatee Springs. Waders who were still and receptive were rewarded with a slow motion caress from an eight foot sea-going mammal; More aggressive approaches were not. A murmured hello in passing along the lush, quiet boardwalk might be rewarded with new friendships...a picnic lunch at the trailer, and stories.


We spent a day and more in a small coastal town with no real "attractions" other than the views, the birds, and the comings and goings of fishing boats. Visitors that come there for the same quiet pleasures linger in passing and murmur a comment. Conversations develop, histories unfold, then Sunset, then friendship, a brush...



Locals are accustomed to the sights but WE are a curiosity. Bonds form because we are appreciative; local lore and more delights are shared, new neighbors from afar.

Because we probably don't have enough time left to master a cast net, we learned the basics, a little bit about being raised on the beach in Honduras, cooking Mullet and more. By Sunset, we were in possession of some tasty, bony fish.


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