Tuesday, February 9, 2016


We have had 5-8 Airstreams at the park most of the time, and, with our natural tendencies to covey together, festivities could be expected.

What could not be predicted was Lynda who combines the enthusiasm of a new Airstreamer on her first big solo adventure with a natural talent for bringing folks together.

We had bike trips down the 30A bike trail when old folks like us might have huddled in our trailer for warmth. There were welcome parties for arriving campers, fireside get-to-gethers with tales from the Mother country ammended by others with British and colonial accents. There was a lovely breakfast featuring a sweet three year old recruited to entertain the grandmothers, and, of course, a couple of trips to the iconic Red Bar.


Did I mention the All Girls Ad Hoc Parasailing Competition ?


There was plenty of walking on beaches swept clear of shells. Come to think of it, weren't there piles of shells and stars that Lynda collected before our arrival?


Patty failed to connect with her beloved Porpoises, but this was construed as reason for yet another beach walk.

The bike ride to Eden State Park was a treat. The lovely mansion is nestled under Live Oaks 500-600 years old on grounds that sparkle in the sunlight.

As the Super Bowl approached and none of us could scramble up a connection to CBS, our new friend Steve welcomed us to his Holiday Rambler (with two antenna boosters) and we cheered on the oldest QB in Bowl history.



  1. Grayton is one of my favorite parks. I love the dunes and the beach. The proximity to Seaside and Grayton is a bonus. It looks like you are having a great time with some Airstream fellowship.

    1. It Was fun, Doug. Wish your gang could have joined us. I'll down a little seafood in your honor.