Sunday, August 24, 2014

Dr. Narinder P. Bhalla. 
Cardiologist extraordinaire
Riverside Cardiology
Montgomery, Alabama

Hi Doc.

On the reverse is a map of the Carriage Trails at Acadia NP –- 45+ miles of glorious ups and downs with scenic views, fresh air with the scent of Balsam. 

We started out on the Parkman Mountain trails which may not have been a great idea.  

 No, put away your stethoscope, I’m fine.  I’m GREAT, just a little winded on the long climbs. (Some of these are much higher and 5x as long as the one I had my heart attack on.) Heck, I was winded on these when I was 65. We rode all week and finished again the last day in the hilly southern end.  We Almost did every mile. I was trying.

The views at the top are worth it.  Couldn’t get Al to take a picture of me leaning over the handlebars gasping ( the view).  He says ONE picture of me having a heart attack is enough for his portfolio.

Really, I didn’t overdo.  People of all ages and shapes ride here. One guy with an Alpe d’huez jersey has done the “Circle of Death” in the Pyrenees twice, and one little four year old on his own bike seems destined to be great on the downhills.   Most are just casual riders like us or they are friends that get dragged along. We passed one petulant young woman who was declaring "I will NOT climb another hill." Everybody finished their ride and, though they may not think so tomorrow, they are better for it.  I know I am.

Thanks for the great job on the stent, Doc.  See you soon.  I think I’ll bring Al in to see you too.  He says he won’t need the Stress Test.  He’s already had that.


This is me ordering another Lobster Roll at Thurston's Lobster Pound.  I insist.  
Beauty shot of the bikes.  Al insists...


  1. Hi Pat and Al,
    I just started following your blog over the weekend. My wife and I are taking delivery of our 27' Flying Cloud in mid September and will start full time RV'ing at that time.

    My wife and I are from northern OH / southern MI but we now live outside of Sedona AZ. So we find it interesting that you seem to stay in the eastern US exclusively. Is there a reason you don't come out to the West?

    In addition, my wife and I are bikers. So we plan on getting in a lot of biking while we are RV'ing. Which brings me to the next question. How do you transport your bikes? We have a Ford F150 with a full bed. But we know we will have a lot of other gear so not sure if there will be enough room in the bed and instead should use a rack. How do you transport your bikes?

    I look forward to following your adventures and we hope we get a chance to see you out there on the road.

    Safe travels,
    Denise and Jim Klinger

    1. No,no,no. We would love to go out West. It's been a dream of ours for years. Last year's big tour was postponed by the "unfortunate cardiac event" and then there are grandchildren...

      We tow with a Suburban, bikes inside, front forks secured by standard quick releases mounted on a platform. They are protected,
      And capable of getting us to rides that are distant from our campsite. Inside we have plenty of room for generator (propane powered, packed in Rubermaid Action Packer), couple of tool boxes, backpacks...plenty of room. We carry the camp chairs in the trailer 'cause they are coming out as soon as we stop...when we have traveled with grands and needed the passenger seats, we have carried the bikes In the trailer using the same fork mount system (bring the rear wheels together to form a stable triangle. This is not as convienent).
      Frankly, as to "room" we find ourselves shedding stuff we thought "essential" after every trip. This was especially true of wardrobe, but my bicycle tool box may be next --