Friday, August 8, 2014


Perhaps it is the dark brown-stained half log siding and the crisp newly painted shutters on the windows, or the crisp new shingles but Surely it is the window boxes with fresh blooms that marks this as the Best shower we have found among nearly a thousand campgrounds. There are two single showers, freshly painted by someone who cares, spotless, with neatly laminated instruction/suggestions and a breezy air of welcome -- little spa-like refuge in the North Woods.  

We are encamped in an open field “Horse Camp” at New Discovery State Park Vermont.  
 “The horsemen seldom come”, we  are told by the gracious park manager.

“You can swing your rig in there easy.”

We go through the usual – “Airstream? How Old?” dispelling concerns that Airstreamers are a snotty bunch with their “Airstream Only” parks.

 “Alabama? How Long?” dispelling who-knows-what stereotypes and, above all, trying not to be one of the over-torqued folks who arrive at a park anxious and short after a long day of driving.

We either One, pass muster as a pleasant couple and are given a careful selection of superior campsites to choose from or, Two, maybe we are down here in “quarantine” before being released to the general Vermont population.  After setup, we are enjoying our totally bug-free circle of surrounding evergreens, a long pleasant chat with our ranger hosts and we are wondering if it gets any better than this.  Oh yes, thanks for the kind donation of firewood.

Did I mention that the Dump has flowers?  

 Patty is just filling the water here.
 "Sewer stuff" is manly work.

We take a couple short hikes and consider staying the weekend.

  “HORSE WEDDING?”  No silly, the riders are getting married, but the whole of our little paradise is booked for the celebration. 

These ladies were just as surprised as we were about Horse Weddings, but their mounts were better behaved than most campers.

 So we hookup for departure, but not before the hitch jack fails and we have to use all our wiles and a couple tools borrowed from Ranger Don to get on our way.  Then we just high tail it for the Sea, stopping along the way to do some chores and book the last site at beautiful Lamoine State Park just across the Frenchman’s Bay from Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park.


  1. Love the dump flowers and the horse wedding!

  2. Oh my! Didn't you already have hitch jack troubles recently?
    Hope you have a fantastic time at beautiful Acadia!