Friday, August 22, 2014

A Public Service Message for THE COMMON GOOD

OK, I know.  We have been off the grid in Acadia NP for nearly two weeks and Al is a little behind, but you have to hear this NOW.  
For ten days camping at Seawall CG in the National Park we have been passing this sign just down the road.

Fine, it looks like an entrepreneur has decided to help those of us who are too hungry to wait in line at Jordan Pond House for a Popover fix. We delayed; we usually had somewhere to go in the mornings or we were babysitting the generator.  Finally, near the last day, we stopped by for Popovers, view and WiFi. Wow!  We got all that and more. 

Always read the fine print.

This is the Common Good Cafe operated by and for the soup kitchen of the same name. Explore the link; you will thank me.

The bright sunny dining room was alive with optimism and good spirits. Don't look for a menu; just line up and someone will explain. The fresh popovers, homemade blueberry jam and fresh butter is laid out near the fresh roasted coffee, slow simmered oatmeal and other drinks.  Take what you need. Leave a donation in the box. "Whatever you leave is enough."

 Eli (on the right) is a guiding spirit here. John, his lifelong friend, is in the area for a few weeks and, like so many here, is working for the pure joy of it.

Our Popover chef is volunteering his
first day here and handled the morning rush with aplomb.

The point here is good healthy food served to eager tourists in the summer with the profits going to feed hungry Mainers in the "off season" when many are struggling. The feature I love is "Cabin Fever Saturday Nights where families can have an evening meal out together with music and fun activities for very low cost."

We came for the popovers and the WiFi. We found friends and so much more.  If you are camping nearby, make this your spot.  Here is that link again.

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