Saturday, April 26, 2014

Post Revolutionary Hi Jinks

It is nearly impossible to capture the spirit of  a crowd of Airstreamers in a beautiful setting with genial hosts and lots and lots of good cooks.  Pictures will have to suffice, and, for these I have freely (with his kind permission) pilfered the files of Dennis Ober "The Airstream Hobo".

The site of the "Kickoff Rally" sponsored by the Washington DC unit (WDCU) was the Compton Bassett  Plantation first settled in 1699 and now listed on the National Register.  Doubtless this land has seen its share of frivolity, but this group of Airstreamers may have pegged a new high on the  Fun-o-meter. 

Several great photographers contributed to the photo contest.  Dennis would be far too modest to mention that he took home a couple awards ....

    ....this one in the Airstream category...

...And this one in the People Category...

..probably in the
He-can't-take-her-ANYWHERE  subcategory 

This was our Parking Evaluation Committee at work
..while this was the lovely outdoor dining area, where the Dutch Ovens simmered and our genial hosts served up breakfasts, sumptuous Happy Hours and a whole "No Cook Day" of heavenly delights. 

There was even a little profitable labor as a rare original slave cabin was rescued from the underbrush and made ready for restoration.



  1. Those were Rally, Rally nice pictures! I especially liked the Pot of Airstream at the End of That Rainbow and the Eager Eater picture of Patty. Will someone tell me how she can manage to look like she's 6 years old and looking forward to Christmas??

  2. If you get back to Asheville please send us a note. We would love to meet you.
    Frank & Devvie

  3. Will do! Right after this rally we were at Davidson River CG for a week. Perhaps we can meet there and debrief your "Expedition"? (bring all your collected pelts, journals and artifacts...)