Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Criminal Element in GSMNP


I am just a little hesitant to admit this (let alone PUBLISH incriminating photos). 

 Perhaps if you could read this  passage first ...aloud.... hand over your heart please...

I am not now nor ever have been a member of law enforcement, nor do I represent any federal or state wildlife agency or carry an Audubon card, nor am I in the habit of reporting violations of  any current regulations (excepting damage to my personal vehicle) to lawful authority... 

Truth be told, I have recently discovered that my faithful friend and companion these fifty married years (and quite a spell before), the mother of our fine, morally upright children IS A SCOFFLAW , a violator of federal regulations and totally, gleefully UNREPENTANT.

It began innocently enough, lounging beside the Airstream in beautiful Cades Cove Campground in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Bare toes, wrinkled from long confinement in wading boots, were drying in the sun. Suddenly, a pair of unusually raucous Tufted Titmice announced their arrival and swooped for the exposed digits.  They perched, cocked their heads side to side and, singly and in tandem, bespoke their displeasure.  At first, Patty shrunk back and tucked the tortured toes away.
They're hungry, piped up our visiting neighbor.  We've been feeding them sunflower seeds right out of our hands. 
Now it was Patty who was unusually animated.  Touch a bird?  I've never touched a live bird!!
Out came the jar of birdseed we have carried since Florida (where human/wildlife interactions are less vigilantly  scrutinized).  These birds were quite confident and landed to hand. They were selecting only black sunflower seeds and Patty was sorting and replacing seeds while carrying on a dialogue....

The birds tired before Patty did, just a little after it was clear all the black seeds were gone. It would be stating the obvious to report she was excited.  This is, you will remember, the same person who spent six hours of our eight hours at Sea World hanging over a stone wall trying to touch a Dolphin.

Seriously People, I'm not seeing any black Sunflower seeds here...

I'll explain this to the Authorities when they come for her. I hope they will go easy on her...


  1. Reread the sign, it says wildlife, looks tame to me, for the last week a crazy titmouse has been practicing flying like a helicopter at our front window, sure wish he could find Pat to entertain him.

  2. Hi Dave,
    Just send that little critter on up here. Black Sunflower Seed is now part of our Basic Load as well as 2 rotiserised chickens in case we happen upon a carnivore that looks a little peckish.