Friday, April 4, 2014


For those who haven't heard, ALUMALINA is a "Carolina Airstream Gathering",  this year featuring nearly a quarter mile of Aluminum goodness, 55 rigs from 9 states and nearly 150 wonderful, smiling 'Streamers (many of whom can really cook!)
 Right now the Airforums Thread is alive with pictures and plans for the next one.  Hurry, space is limited.

But now we are back home (for two weeks).  

  • The Airstream has had her Birthday Wash. (Lotti has been with us since 1 April 2010.) 
  • The Flyover has been accomplished (as is customary here in Montgomery whenever an Airstream returns to base).
  • Thank you notes have been dispatched. (I kid, but that is another Montgomery custom.)
  • Our tow vehicle "The Ginormous Mechanical Conveyance" (GMC) has been serviced, washed and is entering therapy for vague feelings of inadequacy after meeting Barry's "Silverleaf", the most tricked out tow vehicle known to man...

We often say that it is the People that make this wandering lifestyle so rich.  That's True, but really it is the STORIES...

On this weekend I learned why it is never a good idea to let an Alabama boy into a nuclear facility... and how to coax North Carolina Trout from rocky ledges...about love affairs, early in life and later, on the sea and in the air...of fortuitous Airstream finds and glorious restorations...stories of incredible generosity and generosity richly paid forward...

Of Course, there were stories of places visited and campgrounds recommended, adventures completed and adventures planned, but there were also stories of Blue Bell addiction (and regretful recovery)...or catastrophic accidents and near miraculous recovery... of beer brewed with Oysters.  Really?  and a girl of five who chose her instrument, honed her skills for ten years to the delight of all...

Many remembered our lost friend Doug and their stories consoled and enriched even those of us who only shared an "electronic" friendship. 

Thanks to everyone who shared their stories and who listened patiently to (far too many of) mine. I will be back next time for more. 

In the meantime reflect on the mugs we received as door prizes 

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