Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Yes, we have labeled campgrounds “Quirky” before, so perhaps  new terminology is required… Beaverkill Campground is half its former self.  A flood washed away many sites so NOW the bathhouse is in the “Day Use” area which requires a mile of uphill driving (Do not attempt this on your bike), across the covered bridge (six foot seven inch clearance) .  The bathhouse is locked at 8:30 PM as is the “Recycling Center” (essentially a dumpster INSIDE a building). We don’t know when either are UNlocked – certainly not before 11AM when we beat a hasty retreat. The sites are mostly tent size, but there were only 6 of 50 occupied so we did fine. Of course the “system” had double booked one of the sites (we were told loudly by a Long Island Princess in the process of moving her brood of seven to a site 150 yards from ours.)  But luckily we could still hear her “music” until 10PM.  The kids were nice though as was the resident staff, both just a little embarrassed about Mom. 

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