Monday, July 8, 2013

“Miss Daisy” does The GAP

We all loved the Bash and hated to leave.  The pleasant cool weather and the bracing bike rides left us wanting more. 
“Drive us to the Great Allegheny Passage.”
Bethy likes these trips ‘cause IMG_9166the driver will stop ANYWHERE she wishes –- like Farmer’s stands, where they have fruits,vegetables and exotic orange cream soda for floats.

Patty and Al like having Beth along because of her special link to Evelyn, her sainted Mother-in-law.  A whispered prayer to Evelyn virtually assures good weather for your day.  Evelyn never failed us.  When showers threatened our bike ride, a pleasant shelter appeared at trailside; the weather was cool and the showers came at night or enroute in a vehicle.

IMG_9181Al loves having his little sister along because she has a mind like a steel trap and will gladly expostulate most of it at drop of an allusion. (And, being a highly skilled editor, she finds misspelled signs EVERYWHERE.)

We had time for two rides on the GAP; the first from our campsite at Confluence PA to Ohiopyle to see the rafters (and eat PIE}


Trees fall only at night when Evelyn is on the case


The river is up and many rapids are washed out.


There ALWAYS seems to be something to giggle about..


BIG water  at the Entrance Rapid below the Falls

IMG_9225_thumbEVERYONE who rides on the Great Allegheny Passage is an Adventurer, each on their own Mythic Quest.  From the sub teens stretching to new found limits to Edward and Lewis 48 days out from Portland, or the stout Russian woman crossing the country on nerve and the kindness of strangers to a granddad riding out to finish with his granddaughter.
We were passed by a “train” –– three generations. Dad and Granddad on a tandem hitched to a half bike for Grandson pulling a gear trailer –– pedaling hard, doing big miles.
Each night in the campground brings a new crop of thru bikers with their tales and each stop along the trail is another exchange of stories.  IMG_9221_thumb
You might meet the mayor of a nearby city or a Professor at a great state University.  It could happen.

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