Friday, July 12, 2013

Goodbye Miss Daisy

We are going to miss Bethy around the Airstream.  Our book storage has never been neater, the salt shakers are flowing freely and vast areas of storage have been revealed.  ( I only wish I had turned her loose on the “office” cabinet.)  But new career paths are opening, critical arrangements need to be made and besides, this is the longest vacation she has taken EVER. 

We headed toward her “Midnight train from Pittsburgh” but found amusement along the way.  Fort Necessity National Battlefield and the memorial to the National Road gave us some useful information.  The Park Service does such a great job interpreting and preserving these places!





Close beside the still busy National Road –now US 40

We followed the National Road into the National Sprawl then into the “City of Bridges” (and tunnels and construction and sinuous convoluted expressways)  and into downtown in search of the Amtrak station.  Silly old me, when we saw the imposing old train station I envisioned a wide concourse, trains loading for the four corners, restaurants and such.  It took us a couple tours of the city to realize that the “station” is a waiting room below the condos now filling the once grand edifice.  Parking is at the Greyhound station (where they do load for the four corners.}
We dined lavishly at the Fish Market then abandoned poor Bethy to the hard chairs of the waiting room while we tried to extricate ourselves from the city on a drizzly Friday evening.
Oh Bethy.  We found your wine glass and we are saving it for the next “Driving Miss Daisy Tour.”

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