Sunday, June 30, 2013

Back Roads

Even with our compressed schedule, we vowed not to do a “Forced March” on the Interstates.  We wanted to see the changing countryside through Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio even if we couldn’t tarry. We were spectacularly successful; in close to a thousand miles we rode less than 70 miles on Limited Access roads.  We scribed each Rand McNally Scenic BywayIMG_8813 that halfway led us to our goal and in the process learned that scenic often means narrow and twisty and hilly with no shoulder and often drop-offs or stone walls to add a little excitement. It was grand! Driving that requires close attention but pays dividends in sleepy hamlets, clear streams and tidy farms. There are, however, fewer pictures to share, but we know exactly where we’ll return to snap the scenes we still hold in memory.
The purpose of  all this hurrying was to welcome “Our Sister” Beth at the Pittsburg Airport.  Recently released from captivity at the Medical College of Milwaukee, she will be with us for the next two week or more.  We call these the “Driving Miss Daisy Tours” whereby both Pat and Beth giggle continuously in the back seat while Al drives, occasionally tips his cap and says “Yes' am”.
Outside Pittsburgh we “Courtesy Parked” with our good friends Bill and Nora, where we were warmly welcomed, fed sumptuously and often.  Laughter and Airstream stories filled the comfortable front porch and the Golden-doodles seemed to like the extra attention. 

“If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.”

Courtesy Parking at Bill & Nora’s
Is that a BRAND NEW Airstream??
Why yes. Yes, it is.
With Bethy on board and checked out on all things Airstream, we followed Bill over hill and dale to a lovely lunch at the Foxburg Inn.  Bill learned these Pennsylvania back roads on years of classic auto tours. He showed us hills and mountains, the oldest golf course in America, old churches and vistas of every shade of green. (It’s been raining A LOT lately.


By mid afternoon, we were slipping into Penn Wood Airstream Park and another warm gathering at the totally unofficial “Pre Bash”

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