Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mike and Lizzie


I may have said it here before, but it bears repeating. On this journey we have met hundreds of people we would love to spent more time with.  For a variety of life’s reasons, many of these couples have found each other late in life -- a surprising number of them computer dating!  Each has a unique story, but all seem to us blissfully happy, tolerant and loving to each other and enjoying the life they are making together “on the road.”  

IMG_6101  By far the best story is Lizzie and Mike’s.  They met, courted a bit, sold everything, bought the first RV they had ever set foot in and headed out across the country. Sure, Lizzie had tent camped with her kids and a dozen more as a single Mom, and Mike had owned a sailboat….  ”but, but,” we sputter.  Relax, they are doing great. “Right, Mike?”

We met last year in Grand Gulf Mississippi just before the Tornado outbreak and have kept track of our wanderings using the Latitudes phone app. Latitudes told us that our paths would cross again in West Virginia where they are camp hosting with the Corps of Engineers.

When we landed at their campsite at Bee Run, Mike was regaled in his COE approved steel toed boots putting a few finishing touches on the campground with a weed whacker.

  “Even though you owe us dinner,” he reminded us,  “Lizzie is cooking.”  LIZZIE IS COOKING!!

Need I add it was like a heavenly taste of Hoboken?  And we brought New Jersey Trifecta Pie, so it really was a little piece of New Jersey on a West Virginia mountaintop.




We had a couple days exploring the New River Gorge from several overlooks and messing about with the Airstream’s battery and generator.  We wished it could last longer, but there are plans for a mid winter rendezvous…

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