Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hartwick Pines State Park

As we beat a hasty retreat from Mackinac, we failed to calculate that winds gusting to 30 MPH would make Sunday afternoon on I-75 a bit dicey.  Lots of RVs getting tossed around out there and everybody was anxious to get home after a big weekend “Up North.”
IMG_6014 We had lots of sweet little interludes to choose from, but sighted in on Hartwick Pines State Park and its grove of virgin White Pines. After the Interstate rowdiness, we decided to stay over.
We strolled around the paved path late in the afternoon comparing Michigan’s “big trees” with others we found in North Carolina and Pennsylvania. IMG_6017
Sadly we were too late to interact with the staff at the forestry museum, but we did share the elevated walkway with a marauding raccoon.  No Olympics tonight though other campers seem to be getting coverage.(sad)

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  1. I have read every post and looked at every pic from the beginning. I am really enjoying ya'lls vacations.