Monday, August 6, 2012

Fantastic Vents -- They really are.



Every Airstreamer loves the little Fantastic Fan that quietly draws air into our Aluminum homes.  Many fans (Vents) sense the temps and turn on and off by magic and some even close in a rain shower.  Remote controls? Sure. But what really makes this company world class is their customer service. Call them from some outpost in the wilderness and confess that you (OK, that’s Me) stuck my finger in the 13 year old fan and broke a blade. They will send you a whole new fan assembly FREE, with Motor FREE,  freight free and say ”Thanks for your business.”  When that happened to me, I pledged to tell everyone I met about this great product and buy another for the bedroom at my earliest convenience .

Being adrift in Michigan gave us the opportunity (thanks for the reminder Jason.)  We arrived at Imlay at the scheduled time and Chris expertly led us through our options. In minutes, he was on the roof peeling off caulking. IMG_6037 He often travels to the big Airstream rallies and installs/upgrades and repairs dozens a day.  He knew where the wiring lay and what extra steps were required to deal with the roof curvature.

THEN he wanted to look at my existing fan.

“This motor mount is cracked”   Whirl, snip. it landed in the tool belt. 

“This lifter seems to be bent and the fan isn’t opening all the way…”  

“Well”, I stumbled, “that might have been bent when the awning flew over the top…”  Whirl, whirl of the screw gun and both were replaced.

He tried the new pieces and still wasn’t satisfied. “Are you having trouble with the temperature control?” 

“Err, I really don’t ever use it…” 

“I think it’s the circuit board.”  THOSE would be ominous words anywhere but at Fantastic Vent. Chris found the board, some new trim and pretty much the whole assembly and sent me on my way with two perfectly matched, silent running fans and one of their new covers which allow the vent to stay open while on the road.










FANTASTIC VENT:  Great Product

Made in America 

World Class customer support


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