Sunday, March 4, 2012

When Cotton was King

When cotton was King, Apalachicola was one of the richest seaports in the recently united states. Each year 55,000 bales of cotton were shuttled from this shallow water bay to offshore ships and on to the markets of the world. The wharves were lined with three story brick warehouses and the homes and hotels servicing the town were magnificent.
After unpleasantness lasting nearly two hundred years, the town is once again lively if not so extravagantly wealthy.  We enjoyed our walking tour, especially the tour of the Gibson Inn after its renovation.  The manager encouraged us to tour all the rooms; each space is different and each decorated with a different theme.   Some have “permanent guests” –- friendly spirits who have a repertoire of tricks. 



There are many dining choices,
IMG_2097 but we chose the corner Seafood Grill where the posted signs were generally ignored by the wait staff.
The Grouper was good though (and prettier than the wait staff.)


We were offered an attractive price on this boat by an equally attractive citizen and her  “associate.”


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