Saturday, March 3, 2012

Weather Tonight…a blow by blow

5:56PM Saturday.  We appreciate  the sisterly concern, Joan and Beth.  So far we are fine.  The weather has just slipped south to include us.  It’s 20 MPH from the South and raining a little. (Kinda pushed us off the beach). Predicting a shift to the Northeast about midnight with “WINDS 35MPH TO GALE FORCE. Widespread storms, some severe…”
We have showered and donned clean underwear, so we are ready.  All paraphernalia has been secured and, best of all, the redneck, NASCAR lovin, lowlife next door have been driven indoors. We much prefer a howling gale to another of their screech fests. (We can still hear them now over the gentle rain..)
6:30 AM  SO, THAT WAS EASY.  a little rain, a little wind.  We slept through most of it. 
We are just now getting some details of horrific weather up north.  Hope you all are well.

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