Friday, March 2, 2012

Beach Biking Gulf Coast Style

We are walking the beach early as Meme has a mission to collect another perfect shell for the remaining grandchild. It’s Foggy, but we walk two and half miles up a nearly untracked beach before we see the first piece of litter.  We returned that to its rightful place and collected a few “acceptable” shells along the way.

We then unloaded the bikes and headed into the “sensitive” undeveloped end of the island.  With a permission slip and a key to the gate, we are free to ride a stabilized sand road five miles between the bay and the Gulf.
The road winds among the dunes which seem to be rebuilding after some climatological insult (Hurricane Denis, we learn) and we marvel again at all the well adapted plants which reach out and grab their place in the sun and hold the growing dunes in place.


“Ah, Senor Pizzarro, We have discovered the Great Salt Sea!”

This sand crab’s home is reputeIMG_2011d to have been the inspiration for the Sydney Opera House.

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