Saturday, January 21, 2012


You may have heard about Patty’s “train wreck injury” –-  playing Thomas Trains on the floor with Anthony for hours and hours, leaning on her one remaining good arm,  irritated her rotator cuff.  It is healing very slowly, but makes movements like getting things out of the car’s center console, NOT TO MENTION  JUMPING ROPE, very painful.  So our planning for a “Snowbird” trip are in flux. We will leave the canoe at home on this trip and start the bike riding very gingerly until we are certain.  So that leaves us  afoot.  What  do you think about beach walking?  How about visiting the country’s “most walkable city” –- Savannah?  The Battery at Charleston (after the politicos clear the area)? Maybe St Augustine ?  Nice long boardwalks in the Okefenokee and they rent motorboats… Cumberland Island NS …The Golden Isles….?  Sounds like a plan is forming…

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  1. If you want snow Mimi and Papa, come to my house!