Tuesday, January 31, 2012

On the Road–AT LAST

     The road South was clear.  The Sun was bright, and the (as yet unnamed) Beast was purring along the little rises on Highway 231, “Gateway to Florida”.  We had just jettisoned our Cable, Internet, Phone “bundle” and felt liberated as well as $150 bucks/month richer.  

     In Dothan we returned an item to Camping World and had the disconcerting task of having to spend $67 of store credit.  Oh, remember  when every item in the RV super store held us in thrall? How jaded have we become that we can’t find anything more alluring than an extension cord?

    Gerald Downing rescued us from this indecision and we had a great time trading stories at lunch. Although we had never met face to face, we already liked Gerald.  He and Al have been trading emails since we left a card on his Airstream. His first reply, “Dear Pat and Al, thanks for leaving your card on my Airstream in Jonesborough. It helps now that we are trying to track down the thief who stole my computer.”
See what I mean?
We pressed on to Florida Caverns State Park near Marianna, arriving in time for a quick stroll around the newly improved CG and the “Blue Hole” spring which is receiving its regular inflow of Chipola river water and is consequently a little less blue.

Arrival at Florida Caverns State Park
The As Yet Unnamed Beast.

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  1. THERE it is! I was waiting for a picture of those 20" wheels!