Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Florida Caverns State Park

It’s a clear, cool morning but gaining warmth as the sun climbs.
We breakfast and pull the bikes out of the Beast (quite easy, even with the trailer still hitched – another pleasant surprise.)  We are still hitched because we may leave today, but a few miles on the butter smooth asphalt roads and we decide this is a perfect place to build up our bike muscles and try out Patty’s sore arm.  All went well.  We paid another night’s fee and rode/hiked the day away. 

Florida Caverns is another of the CCC built parks as the craftsmanship of the stone work and hand made doors of the Visitors Center attest. 

Outside, they left the limestone rough with all it’s imbedded fossils showing.


While inside, the stone is faced smooth as a cathedral around the huge fireplace.

Each  time we visit a CCC park, we feel a sense of pIMG_1078ride that we have Carl Meyer’s CCC career to reflect on… and each time we also see this guy.

I think Patty has a little crush on him.

They weren’t running the Cavern tour today, but offered a  “virtual tour” by video for the claustrophobics amongst us.

“No, Honey.  They said no cave tours today.”

“Flood Plain” and “Tunnel Cave” trails led us to Lilies, big hardwood trees and forests of cypress knees.

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