Sunday, April 17, 2016

Woodring Campground (COE)

We are "perched" on a narrow pad stacked on the edge of a long arm extending into Lake Carter in North Georgia.  
   It is quiet now after a night of light rain.  Just a few campers on this weekday. If this campground were full, you might be looking down at the roof of your fellow campers.   
     There seems to be no problem moving into the well engineered (Duh!) slots, even those that ramp up or down sharply to level pads.  
There are a few with "balcony" decks and  a few that open to spacious patios on the curb side.  Ours has a nice  table,  fire ring and grill at the rear.   
     Cannot beat the view across a narrow arm surrounded by pine forest.   
     Of course, we arrived  after "prescribed burn"  The steep slopes are scorched, but last week's rain settled the ash and brought back splashes of Dwarf Iris .  
It's only an overnight stop for us, but a pretty one. 
In the morning, we will wind back the six mile approach road to equally twisty Hwy 76, then on to Ellijay Georgia. From there, it's easy -- Big roads, Dogwoods sparkling on hillsides budding out in a full spectrum of greens, through the smoothly paved Nantahalla Gorge and on along the Smoky Mountain Expressway. (We moaned and groaned when the were building this road -- the mess, the disruption, the changes it would bring..., but the scars have healed, the inevitable development not that bad, and  it sure is smooth sailing with a trailer.) We'll stop for lunch at the Asheville Farmers Market, then WAY more Interstate than we prefer to another tranquil gem of a campground.


  1. You two would make GREAT real estate brokers. Those photos and comments make me want to plant my own portable home on such a lot. Of course, right now my home is not terribly portable. By the way, it's nice to be hearing positive comments about the Corps of Engineers. Dad should have stuck around to see how many GOOD things they're capable of.

    1. Just wait. An Army Corps mis engineering will soon be featured and mildly chided.

  2. Looks like you're having fun!