Monday, April 25, 2016


Do we start at the Visitor Center and see if there is a Movie?   That's our custom and a good way to start any visit to a Historical Park. 
, he said, looking down the grassy old road bounded by split rail. I think we should go down there and speak with Generals Grant and Robert E. Lee. 
In that sunny spot near Wilmer McLean's home, the two were speaking amiably to each other and to passers by.  Perhaps General Lee did look a little down...

 ...but he livened up considerably when Patty showed up.  Don't we all?

We had just chanced on this reenactment of the the Surrender at Appomattox Courthouse.  There were fine encampments of Blue and Grey poised to stack arms and return home after a  bloody four years.  Through the afternoon we enjoyed chatting with the Union security force, watched the Engineers mapping the town and listened to tales of the last few days of the War Between the States.
Perhaps the encampment was idealized somewhat, but the film and exhibits in the Visitor Center brought the reality to the front with contemporary accounts and artifacts.
We had traveled this way to ride the bike trail over the High Bridge which played an important role in the last battles of the War.  We were just there for the thrill of riding high above the very high trees (and perhaps bag another t-shirt.)
We did all that and a few miles more from the town of Farmville. Then we returned to our own encampment at Holiday Lake SP which I reluctantly report was a disappointment.  Imagine the Buckingham Appomattox State Forest with its thousands of acres.  Then imagine allocating a couple of side hills near the lake to cram in as many sites as possible --beautifully paved sites which were nowhere close to level in any direction. It appears that the Corps of Enginners built this with lots of equipment and a design sketched out in catsup on the back of McDonalds wrapper.  There is another loop which may be better but one must be 30' to qualify. (Rant over now)

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