Friday, May 1, 2015


We MIGHT have settled in for a few days of tranquility at Salt House Campground, but our friends Keith and Susanne were already at Davidson River and for only one more day. They are "fun to play with", so we launched early on a bright sunny day.

SPRING was everywhere -- Redbuds and Dogwood, fruit trees and Azelea along with the tender green of new tree leaves. We chose little two lanes, (some with no center line) all through rolling pastoral North Carolina.

This might have gone on all day but Mt. Airy appeared ahead and we both thought SNAPPY LUNCH, PORK CHOP SANDWICH!!

Barney and Andy's favorite lunch spot is still a local favorite where they come to eat good food served quickly and with grace and, of course, they come to watch the tourists...


Everybody is pretty used to posing for photos...








....especially Mr. Floyd, who cut hair here for 70 years. He came by and opened the shop on Monday just to hang out with pretty young women.











We had too much fun in "Mayberry", so the rest of the trip was via Interstate...but we did get a few miles of Blue Ridge Parkway and that beautiful descent of 276 down to...



We have said it before -- Davidson River Campground feels like home. We were greeted by our favorite camp hosts, Mary and Jim, and guided to a treasured electric site. Shortly, Susanne appeared and the reunion wisecracks began. We talked into the night and made plans for Hubba Hubba -- which turned out to be a really excellent Barbecue in nearby Flat Rock. The quiet two lane we took was a treat itself. The Spring morning was spectacular.







Two Blythe Spirits







Well satisfied with a great lunch and a return trip down scenic Crab Creek Road, we headed for our favorite drive-in waterfall. Transylvania county has a couple hundred named waterfalls including this wonder where two branches tumble together to form the North Fork of the French Broad. Several falls are visible at a place called Living Waters, but several more appear downstream.





Rock Girl was proud of her contribution...


...but proudest of her multiple rock skip, a required event in her family



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