Thursday, April 30, 2015

Remarkable Weather Warm Friendships

It has been a couple weeks of remarkable weather -- windy and cold for Spring. Did I mention WINDY? At...
Delaware Seashore State Park...
...five Airstreams from all over the continent clustered together on this vast parking lot of a campground like Mongolians on the wind-swept Steppes. Overlooking our cozy Aluminum Yurts from the high bridge, you could see heavily bundled Alabamians huddled close to tee shirted Canadians. As the wind roared from the North, and then South and finally West, we moved tow vehicles to form wind blocks, but nothing could inhibit the warm exchanges between friends. Stories were told -- wonderful stories. Lunch was conjured up, dinner cookouts were summerarily dismissed and replaced with local seafood in warm friendly places.
Annie claimed writer's block on her book. She did not disclose the title, but I'm guessing " Courtship Rituals of Well-traveled Septugenarians". We all shared the most hilarious secrets of our past. NOW we are all Best Friends because we know TOO MUCH!
Glenn led our little caravan a hundred miles North over the Bay Bridge somehow managing to cross during a lull in the winds. We arrived at ...

The Capital Kickoff Rally at Marietta Manor

Michael, our genial host, greeted us and somehow charmed Mary-Lou into mooring the fleet.
You now know as much as I do.

The family plot. Small stone on left is the Judge's horse

The Manor sponsored a hat contest but cold weather limited entrants to the Airstreamers. This was a SERIOUS misjudgment by management .

There were many creative efforts worthy of accolades

But awards seem to go to folks who know no these two.

The whole crew of Dutch Oven cooks deserve awards. Glenn was one of many but that spicy chicken was wafting in our window...

Best mobile Dutch Oven kitchen goes to Wayne and Linda.

Weather was once again chancey, but often the radar showed us in a dry pocket surrounded by showers.
As we said our good bye to good friends old and new, Patty had a request. Find me a ....
Quiet ten dollar site with electricity, hot showers and a Sunny view.
350 miles, a nice stretch of it on roads with no center line ( the very best kind), we settled into Salt House Branch COE Campground on Philpott Lake.

Mission accomplished

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