Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Storytelling–The Preview

The pull to Jonesborough Tennessee (THE Oldest Town in the State, we are regularly reminded) was smooth and  short.  We found the Persimmon Ridge CG (city), and, after a little prospecting, found a level site with all the facilities in working order.  We lunched and walked the Oldest Town until dinner time, getting familiar with the location of the big tents where the stories would be told and other venues.
We acquired the highly recommended tickets to hear Donald Davis tonight as a preview.  What a treat! Davis is a retired Methodist Minister, a favorite of everyone we talked to.  He told four stories of his growing to adulthood with the theme “I didn’t know it would turn out like THAT!”   We enjoyed it immensely and were given a thorough orientation on how to navigate the festival from some kind locals we sat with.

Our Montgomery connection to the late Kathryn Tucker Windham garner us a lot of heavy sighs.  Ms. Windham was a great favorite here and as often as we crossed paths at craft shows and such in our area and as much as we loved her, I guess we felt she would always be with us. People here have heard hundreds of her stories over the 40+ years and surely are closer in spirit and feel the loss quite deeply and sincerely. 


Jonesborough Tennessee

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