Thursday, October 13, 2011

Roan Mountain

Jonesborough and Kingsport Tennessee are in a huge bowl.   (Declarations  that emissions from the Eastman (Kodak) Chemical complex dissolved the surrounding  limestone are apocryphal.) 

Whichever way we proceed from there it is into the folds of steep, soaring mountains cloaked in yellows, gold and some few vibrant reds. We were routed 2011_1013ROAN_MOUNTAIN_SP0003through winding two lanes in flat green valleys with the mountains overhanging, then on to graceful 19E sweeping around and into the folds, always climbing. The sunshine was intermittent. Spots of  light would illuminate a hillside or a valley farm while puffy little white clouds eddied into the corners and lay on ridges.

It was an easy, BEAUTIFUL fifty miles to Roan Mountain State Park where we took a leaf covered site clinging to the hillside. We’re told that this Color season rates only a 3 of 10, but we are pleased to be here and burning these sights into memory even if the photos never seem to do it justice.


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