Sunday, March 6, 2016


Savage peat fires burned nearly ALL of the Okefenokee in 2007 and returned again to burn the Pine Island Campground in 2011. When we visited in 2012, the campground was only new-sown grass. Today the palmetto and low swamp shrubs screen each campsite nicely and there is greenery among the standing dead tree trunks in the rest of the swamp.


Water has returned and, with it, the whole Ecosystem is rebuilding.

Residents are happy. Migrants are stopping by and

Spring is on its way...

Our short visit was reassuring...

...even IF we were greeted by the SAME WARNING that has plagued our last few stops...


We walked the "Trembling Earth" boardwalk several times, watching clouds of White Ibis moving about. Plans to rebuild the portions that burned are in the promise stage. Along the footpath skirting the campground, we sighted a Swallow-tailed Kite -- a rare treat for us, but a regular customer here.

We marvel at each small change for its demonstration of the strength and resilience of all living things. We know we will never see the return of the big cypress hammocks but hope to return and find more steps lead that way.


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