Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Very Erie

"It's so eerie," said the punny wife standing on the edge of the canal, watching the road pass under it. 
The dutiful husband moaned, as is his right and privilege...

Biking the Erie Canal has always been on our bucket list; we have heard wonderful stories about the mass ride across in July, "the hottest week of the year."  Well, the big ride passed through yesterday and the weather was perfection.  Today we began with Albion to Medina, an easy eleven miles out and back, except for the 25MPH headwind going out!

 Them are WHITECAPS out yonder, partner.

 The trail surface was  fine smooth gravel, the scenery mostly agricultural -- apple orchards and corn.  The trail-side wild cherries were heavy and the path sometimes sprinkled with bleaching cherry pits.  We saw deer, wood chucks and indisputable sign of bear; a bear could make a nice living among all these apple trees.

Only two riders came our way.  One was Knute crossing the country on the Northern Tier route after spending last
 year on the Appalachian Trail where he was known as "Late for Supper".  There were lots of stories to be told, but miles to go.  He was downwind, working on another 100+ mile day.

 Perhaps the most fascinating aspects of the canal are the off trail engineering structures which control the water flow.  This is the Medina Aqueduct outflow. We are anxious to visit a Canal Museum and learn more.

 "Welcome to the Big Apple," the punny wife says.

"Is this where we turn around and "Fly Back"?

  "You said there would be ice cream."

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