Sunday, March 23, 2014

Fort McAllister State Park Georgia

Towing on a rare good weather day wasn't our idea, but if it had not been so sunny we might not have stopped for a glimpse of the Marshes of Glynn. If we had not stopped, we might not have met Lulu. 

This is Lulu.  She and her humans are transcontinental travelers rocking a two wheel drive Ural motorcycle.  The sidecar is Lulu's.  "A small house with a very large backyard" Visit this delightful trio here. (and brush up on your French.)

The Fort is WAY out in the marsh guarding the approaches to Savannah via the Ogeechee River.  The campground is even further out on Savage Island. The Fort was named for the owner of the plantation on which it sits.  Savage Island reportedly was named for the Sand Gnats which still thrive here and were more responsible for holding the Union fleet at bay than the Big guns at the fort.

When breezes blow, the "no-see-mus" are tolerable.  They seem selective about who they attack, and when.  Bend over with both hands full and you are dinner. 

 Patty likes the campground.
 "Nearly everyone  waves." (or perhaps they are just swatting)

The reconstruction of the battlements and "bombproof" bunkers was excellent.  We've come to expect quality from Georgia Parks, especially if
a quantity of big timbers is required.  

We sat in a breezy spot and talked with Tally Kirkland whose Civil War knowledge is encyclopedic and delivered with warmth and wit. 

Tally Kirkland

On our last day, we biked West off the island and wandered among the residential neighborhoods.  On the verge of the marshes, tall pines loosed clouds of yellow pollen. We paused to pet puppies, again to take a phone call and once again to remove a 3 inch nail from Al's rear wheel.  Remember, "bent over, two hands filled with tools"?  Oh yes, fixing that flat was torment, but lovely wife shooed off the bigger bugs and in the process sacrificed a quantity of her precious bodily fluids to the skeeters.

 You might think that Patty is admiring the real estate, but No.  It's the beautiful Live Oaks again...

Glooms of live-oaks, beautiful-braided 
          Emerald twilights,--
          Virginal Shy lights

Affable live-oak, leaning low

Emerald twilights,-- Virginal shy lights,

Affable live-oak, leaning low,--

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