Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Catch up reel

There have been some inquiries of the " Where in the.....?" variety  So a brief stream-of-conciousnes version of the last few weeks....

leave Ricketts Glen--avoid the 18% downgrade --Hills Creek State Park --scored an Electric site (ADA) --laundry, clean everything --SHORT, SHORT haircut in Wellsboro --hair jokes, lots of hair jokes--ride more Pine Creek trail --oh, No! the microwave is broken--  oh, good. Patty fixed it --more Pine Creek --Hitch breaks --whole day with mosquitoes and two crescent wrenches --need part --another day wrangling hitch -- patched together --moved to Ginger Lane --GRAND BOY --giggling, races, hiking, berry pickin, picture taking, nonstop giggling --order new hitch --heading home --Cozy Cabin restaurant Thurston, VA!! --Loft Mountain CG, Shenandoah NP -- HighPoint NC --install new Propride Hitch --Out of Doors Mart , faulty work, dangerous --drive to Smokemont, GSMNP -- worry about hitch --more work with two wrenches, Patty catching fish --thundershower, vent open --nice neighbors --repairing little things, hitch safe now -- Home --medical checks OK!! -- Fixing ODM work, cleaning trailer, Volleyball games, lots of hair jokes, more volleyball ready to leave....

Location:Montgomery, Alabama

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