Monday, April 22, 2013

The Natchez Trace in Springtime

The Natchez Trace is a different experience from a bicycle seat than it is at the top vehicle speed of 45 MPH.  At one tenth that speed, on an interminable hill, there is time to see each wildflower pass.  (Sometimes, between gasps, your wicked couch sitting, Blue Bell ice cream eating life passes before you as well.) But when all the random noises have been tweaked out of the bikes at rest stops (which are totally maintenance related) and the easy bends and dips are swinging along nearly effortlessly, the sounds of Spring Peepers in the puddles, brimful creeks hissing along and crows calling fills your world.  Our senses mark each new vista; We become accustomed to this new place in a new season. Miles fall behind and yet seem quite new when we retrace back to our start. It's a subtle experience, yet far more powerful than the isolated view from the climate controlled vehicle. 

Sorry, we nearly fail to take a photograph,  Here it is, but we hope you will someday experience this place at a pace that helps you feel it. 

Best Idea of the day: Sweet dried Bing Cherries in the Gorp  

Quote of the day (As Patty heads UPHILL on a trail to an Overlook):  " This is our rest stop, right?'

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