Monday, February 25, 2013

Rainy Nights in Georgia

A rainy night in Georgia, a rainy night in Georgia
It seems like it’s rainin’ all over the world
I feel like it’s rainin’ all over the world        via Brook Benton & Ray Charles
The rain goddess (We are sure her name is Evelyn) has been kind to us.  MOST of the days this week have been clear, if a bit windy, except for those days we had planned to be indoors, but the Nights were drizzly to torrential and quite cold for folks who claim to be Snowbirds.
We stayed in beautiful Stone Mountain Park which claims to be the #1 camp in Georgia.  (This, we decided, was in the category of Parks with a 825’ pluton of quartz monzonite at its center.)  Otherwise, the campground has be aptly described as “Quirky” in its construction and distribution of amenities.  We were a bit distressed arriving in a windy dreary drizzle searching endlessly for a site which was reasonably level and within reach of our life support. It Rained.
Next morning Al’s Siblings arrived and we dined sumptuously on Fried Green Tomatoes at the Sweet Potato CaféBETH AND PAT in Stone Mountain Village. 
We laughed a lot and enjoyed a sunny afternoon in the Park.  Bethy stayed in the Airstream and checked out the facilities for a future “Drivin’ Miss Daisy Tour.” 
Need  mention that it Rained in the night?

The Carter Presidential Library was a real treat. carter center facade We enjoyed a tour so engrossing the Director granted us  a little extra time to “finish.”  We had not seen it all, so we came back anther day -- rainy, cold windy day --to see all the videos and play on the TABLETABLE CARTER CTR which let us move around the world looking in on all the humanitarian projects conducted by the Carter Center  staff. 
Very heartening in these times to see Americans quietly working to solve conflicts and drastically change lives by eradicating health problems and food shortages.
There was, of course. horseplay in the beautiful (windy cold drizzly) gardens surrounding the Center.


The next morning dawned clear and we were joined by our beautiful niece, and spent the day on the floor of another beautiful niece romping with tiny little nieces and a nephew.  Yes, rain and big winds into the night.
We then abandoned the Airstream for two days of warm hospitality and GREAT food at Tom’s home.  ANOTHER beautiful niece and her handsome spouse joined us for more eating and relaxation in the ultimate Meyer Man Cave.  Details of the multiplex TV screen array and full instrumentation for a Motown recording are highly classified as the beautiful spouse has not yet totaled the bill, but there was this –- SuSu’s Deep Dish Cherry PIE!

And breakfast that would have made our sainted father proud.

Of course, it Rained all night and into the morning departure rituals, but we left warmed by the memories of good friends who may even be relatives and a larder stuffed with leftovers.  The sun broke out midmorning as we headed to Montgomery for a couple days of homework.  We were so blissed out that even the little incident with the dead end road hardly troubled us….

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  1. That Carter Center display looks so nice! It wasn't there when we last visited. Might be time to go back! You are quick on the shutter to get that picture of Pat doubled over laughing. Hehe. Love it!