Monday, October 22, 2012

Pestilence, a Plague and Things that Go Bump in the Night

Our site at Elkmont was sunny and open so we sickly folks basked in our camp chairs like elderly Italians moving from one Piazza to another to follow the sun. The lone hardwood limb overreaching the trailer looked well groomed and benign, but the wind and lightning the night before our departure produced an alarming BUMP IN THE NIGHT .  There was a pile of broken pieces on the ground and an arm thick hunk  balanced on top, visible from a picnic table perch, but unreachable.  We were  set for an early departure but circled the campground seeking a ladder –-  no joy.  The Office Rangers were dealing with their own wind-disabled computers and Enforcement Ranger (Glock, three clips, a Taser and a steely stare) could not engage. “We proceeded on,” fearful that we might have it slide off into traffic  as we climbed.  It made it 100 miles to Davidson where George, at 87 and just out of the hospital with food poisoning, confirmed it’s presence from picnic table top and made a radio call.  The offending imported firewood was summarily removed and confiscated.
A PLAGUE of rodents –- our first hitchhikers –-  gave evidence of their preference for Amish bread by shredding a couple layers of foil while Patty slept peacefully a few feet away. We surveyed the battlefield and deployed a full array of DECON baits and carpet bombed the perimeter with sticky traps. We have no Order of Battle intelligence so we do not know how many rodents it takes to empty two DECON baits in one night, but there is evidence of healthy digestive tract function…Emergency resupply added additional resources for an expected night attack tonight.
The bronchial PESTILENCE which has befallen both of us is in retreat, but still a potent adversary.  We are wondering if we will be able to keep the coughing under control for the Storytelling festival we plan to attend in Athens Alabama starting Thursday. Our electric site here allows us to run more heat overnight and the abundant sun feels great.  We are loafing and reading and hacking.

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