Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pounding Sand??

That phrase has always confused me; there is a little “Citation Needed” note in my personal Wikipedia, but I might be closer to an answer.  We have been encamped near Historic Hopewell Furnace, one of the “iron Plantations” of the late Eighteenth century.  This was a total economy devoted to making iron. Everything needed must be close by: huge acreages of hardwoods to be reduced to charcoal, iron ore and limestone, farms to feed workers, water for living and for power.  The place ran like a feudal economy with the Iron maker or founder at the head. Only slightly lower on the pecking order and the highest paid of the workers were the Moulders who formed the intricate cavities into which molten iron was poured to create finished pieces.  He did this by POUNDNG SAND around models and carefully removing it before pouring. It was hot, dirty work but the best job on the plantation, passed father to son.  So, Perhaps being told to “go pound sand” was a gentle admonition to strive for excellence….?
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