Wednesday, May 9, 2012


…IMPOSSIBLE -- even with an Airstream -- while fishing for a week and boondock camping. Oh, it is Soo much better than ground sleeping in a two person tent and waiting out the rain under a leaky fly, but still one’s personal hygiene is somewhat compromised under these otherwise delightful circumstances.  It was with  relief mixed with regret that we slipped out of Cataloochee Valley without incident on the road and immersed ourselves in a veritable orgy of cleaning and energy use. 
In Davidson River campground we scored one of the rare electric sites, and, while waiting for it, we scrubbed the plumbing, hosed the dirt off the undercarriage and removed the Hemlock sap from most horizontal surfaces. Meanwhile Patty sorted loads of laundry and we hit the town for Laundromat, groceries (including ICE CREAM) and a carwash. 
Settled into our lovely site next to Jim and Mary, we folded and tidied and sorted into the dusk and couldn’t be tempted to try the fishing.  Time for that tomorrow. For now it is just enough that we don’t have to hold our nose to put on clothes….
The morning was overcast and the silken snares of clean bed linen kept us imprisoned until Patty could stand it no longer.  The River was clearing from the rain on Monday and Patty started picking up fish right  away while Al stood by and policed up litter and acted disinterested.
Once, we were IMG_3180strolling upstream when a wiry guy with a spinning rod, a big landing net and a white tee shirt shoved past and took possession of the prime fishing spot we were aiming for. Patty glared, but said nothing.  She took the riffle upstream, but still within sight and hearing distance where she proceed to take fish after fish from the same spot, always announcing each one with characteristic enthusiasm.  I saw her release five and I think I heard her mumbling something about “Mr. White Tee Shirt can kiss my….”

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  1. we have heard through back channels that SOME are having trouble posting on the blog. Our best guess is that you may not have one of the required "profiles" Gmail is an easy one to get and quite useful. THEN, you may want to post something like this SAMPLE

    "Gee guys, I'm a 747 Captain but I sure wish I could pull a trailer like my big brother or fish like his lovely wife."