Monday, May 30, 2011

Delicious Bullock House

It was a morning for goodbyes.  Silver trailers slipped away early having said goodbyes last night, others lingered and traded a few more stories.  Bigmini and Someday’59 pulled out with their little ones pretty tired from all the activities.
Dave and Eileen, Pat and Al  headed to Warm Springs to the newly re-opened Bullock House.  What a treat!  Down home favorites served in a beautiful old home, good company and SECONDS.  Al was in heaven.  Dave presented an elaborate argument that such caloric intake was easily offset by any planned future bike rides…Lame, but he heard no rebuttals.  After long naps, we all prepared the ‘streams for a morning departure.  Tomorrow we head for Smokemont in the Great Smoky National Park.  Look out trout.

Favorite Memories:

Tonight performance with S'mores

The Crowd gathers
  • Ernie's boys, aged five and three, posting their "Free Movie" notice in sidewalk chalk and biking the campground to collect an audience for the flicks projected on the 'stream.

  • Dinner with the Someday'59 clan, hearing stories about their adventures restoring and traveling from bright eyed kids and super bright parents.

  • Evening get togethers in the pavilion, waiting to see what delicious marine cuisine Ann, the "Queen of the Sea", would serve tonight.

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