Patty, Al and friends   Cumberland MD

Pat and Al Meyer
Montgomery, Alabama

WHO? Patty and Al are retired after working 30 years elbow to elbow in our family business. (We don't have any trouble living together in a small Airstream trailer--at least Al doesn't).  We have been active all our lives --canoeing, backpacking, hiking, bike touring and now a little fly fishing. While we are able, we intend to do a little more of each.

WHAT (is a blog?)  Well for us,  it will be a tool to keep in touch with family and friends, share what we are seeing and save a little on postcards.

WHERE (are they now?)  In our first year as Airstreamers, we spent half our nights it it -- Missouri to Virginia, Florida to Canada, our itinerary changing with the weather.  The family thinks either a blog or a satellite locator.

WHEN you begin a blog after long procrastination, there is a real temptation to reach back to the last notable "event"...or perhaps last year's Maine trip (great pictures) , or that ride at sunset....Eventually you want to include the prom pictures...
     Well,  TODAY we are just back from dodging tornadoes on the Natchez Trace, biking the beautiful Longleaf Trace in Mississippi, fleeing South to the beach while the rivers flood and the jet stream conspires to flail mid America to shreds.  Those memories are already in the contrails.  So we start, at home in Montgomery Alabama, doing maintenance on LOTTI, tuning bikes, readying for our first Airstream rally and on to other destinations only vaguely imagined.