Pre Blog: Our First Airstream Year

HEADLINE 2010: Alumalitis Strikes Al : Pat gets gas….
CHRISTMAS  AIRSTREAMMany of you know how much Patty has always coveted a gas stove, but the old hand-me-down electric range WOULD NOT DIE! 

Now Al, normally a hopeless gift giver and already several occasions behind, searched for months for the perfect present — thoughtful, romantic and grand —to thank her for their many joyous years together. Clearly this called for an electric appliance.
“No, No. Remember the Gas Range. ...but Miss Frugal would never just replace something that still worked…”
SO, on April Fools Day, HE BOUGHT HER A NICE TWO-BURNER AIRSTREAM ......Which they named “LOTTI” after Pat’s Mom who secretly yearned for a long, long trailer (but already had a gas range.)
Together Lotti, Pat and Al have been On The Road —One hundred nights and countless miles through eighteen states and a little of Canada without a plan or a care. It has been GLORIOUS — many, many new things to learn, great new friends, and the best Fall colors EVER.
It is hard to summarize a year when nearly every day brought us new experiences, fresh vistas and weird plumbing. Our picture taking tapered off as we confronted “still another bloody gorgeous view” at every turn, but, sitting here, bits of memories come back...
...snowstorms in New Jersey and, surprisingly, in Montgomery, small town parades and fireworks, pulling the new Airstream down twisting roads to old haunts along Ozark streams., discovering Maine’s Baxter Park and glimpsing Katahdin Peak the first time. Sharing the day with thru-hikers finishing the Appalachian Trail , and sharing the “waiting room” with caring friends while Lotti underwent front Panel replacement. Sighting whales from Head Harbor Light with Dan Anthony, biking the carriage roads in Acadia NP. Joanie relishing a lobster roll and Anthony sighting his first eagle, little girls baking bread with MeMe, “To Kill a Mockingbird” in Monroeville with a favorite cousin, a quilt show that took over every yard and business in a Pennsylvania town, Patty “dialed in” on Brook trout in Shenandoah, more bears from bikes (again, and yet again), many new Airstream friends and Airstream places.
Patty and Al wish to thank the entire Suellentrop clan for including us in the last years’ multiple weddings and showers throughout the Midwest. Especial thanks to all the little cousins for their decorum during all the events, and for sharing their St Louis vacation with Em and Cassie. Revisiting the Science Center with Stephen and Em eleven years later was filled with memories and the visit to the City Museum created new ones — and a few sore muscles.
And thanks to Joanie, Tim and Anthony for taking the three of us to their special places in Bar Harbor and choosing the only mosquito-free year in Maine’s history. We love our stays at “Lotti-dock” between adventures..
And thanks to Jeff’s clan—Trina, Emilyn and Cassie— for taking up Volleyball, which is played in dust free air-conditioning. Watching them makes an aging setter very proud (and pretty sore after practicing Bumps and Sets in the back yard.)

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